What Is a Mover?


Mover is a profession that involves packing and loading items for transport to a new home. Before hiring a mover, customers should check that the company is licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation for interstate moves and state-specific licenses for local, or intrastate, moves.


Movers should provide estimates based on an in-home survey or detailed inventory to determine the bulk and weight of the items being moved. Customers should also review the moving company’s release of liability option for damage claims.


The process of packing up and moving can be extremely stressful. Hiring professional packers will minimize that stress, freeing up time to concentrate on other important aspects of your move such as taking care of your family, juggling work and school responsibilities and turning off and hooking up utilities at the old home and new one.

Professional movers know how to safely and securely box up all types of items, including clothing, furniture, books and household goods. They will bring all the materials they need to pack up your belongings, including quality boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, a tape gun and packing tape, markers, blankets, a dolly and moving tools. They will go room by room and carefully pack up your items, wrapping them for protection as necessary.

They will also take special care with fragile items such as glassware and dishes, and they will properly label all boxes so you can unpack them at your destination. They will load heaviest items on the bottom of the truck and smaller, lighter items towards the top, making it easier to unload. They will also wrap your mattresses, sofas and love seats in blankets before loading them on the truck to protect them from scratches and dents.

If you want to do your own packing, start by sorting through your things and getting rid of any unwanted or unneeded items. This will save you money on the cost of hiring professional movers and it will help keep your things safe from being damaged during the move.

Start packing away things you don’t use regularly a few weeks before the move. That way, you’ll have more items to pack up on moving day and won’t be tempted to leave some of the most important stuff until last.

Be sure to set aside a box or two for items you’ll need right away once you arrive 이사짐센터 at your destination. This will make it easy to find your toiletries, clothes and bedding as well as essential cleaning supplies, pet food and supplies and other essentials. Also, don’t forget to include a few days’ worth of food for yourself and any family members you’ll be moving with. You don’t want to have to go out to eat or shop for the basics on your first few days in your new home!


The process of loading a truck requires time and careful planning. The size of your load, the weather conditions and whether the truck is parked close to your old or new property all affect how quickly and smoothly your moving company can complete the task. Also, if your moving company is transporting items to storage prior to the move, that will take up time too.

In most cases, movers will start with the largest and heaviest items first. This includes mattresses, bed frames, couches and sectionals. It’s a good idea to place these items on the bottom of the van in order to avoid crushing them during transport. They’ll then place smaller items on top, and the lighter boxes towards the back of the truck, where they will be easier to access when it comes time to unload.

Loading a moving truck requires a lot of manpower, and hiring movers is the easiest way to get it done efficiently. In addition, movers are equipped with the proper tools to ensure that your belongings are loaded safely and securely. In fact, professional movers often use tools like slip sheets, ramps and conveyer systems to keep your belongings safe during transit.

Even if you manage to gather enough friends and family members to help with the move, their assistance may be limited when it comes to lifting heavy items. This is because many people don’t have the physical strength to perform such tasks for long periods of time. Additionally, if you have any back issues or other health concerns, it’s not a good idea to attempt such a task on your own.

Hiring movers to load a rental truck is an affordable and effective way to make your move go smoothly. Moving labor teams are specifically geared towards helping customers load their belongings into rental trucks like Uhaul, Penske, PODS and Packrat. This service is often booked a la carte, along with packing and other relocation services. The best part is that hiring these experts can save you from pulled muscles, crushed fingers and back pains, all of which can be very costly to recover from. In addition, they can make the entire relocation process much more enjoyable for you and your loved ones. Plus, it can help you avoid costly repair bills for damaged furniture.