Surveillance and Tracking Services

Whether you’re looking to improve workplace safety, boost productivity or gain valuable insights into customer needs, surveillance can be a powerful tool. But it’s not without its challenges.


The volume of data generated by physical asset surveillance systems can be overwhelming unless organizations follow best practices. Read on to learn how you can maximize the benefits of your tracking solutions.

Live Video Monitoring

Video monitoring services are a popular type of surveillance technology used in many areas. It’s a form of active surveillance, meaning that the monitoring happens live and in real time. This kind of monitoring can be done by humans or automated and is usually conducted through a camera.

In addition to being an effective deterrent, video monitoring can also help prevent vandalism, theft and other crimes. For example, construction and car dealership businesses often store equipment and materials on outdoor sites that leave them vulnerable to damage and theft. Mobile live video monitoring can help reduce these risks by preventing criminals from taking the items and by alerting business owners to any issues in real time.

Another common use of video surveillance systems is in retail environments. This allows businesses to keep a close eye on their inventory and protect shoppers from flash robs. In addition, video monitoring can capture footage of criminals as they commit a crime, which may help police identify and apprehend them.

Those who oppose increased surveillance suggest that it will negatively impact the quality of life by making people feel like they are constantly being watched. They believe that there are some things, such as social interaction and the ability to enjoy a sense of privacy in public spaces, that should not be monitored.

Tag and Track Video Surveillance

The latest computer vision technologies allow for real-time tracking of people or objects. This can help businesses monitor their inventory and customer movements, detect suspicious activity and save staff time by automating repetitive tasks.

Using RFID and video surveillance, you can monitor valuable assets like expensive equipment or fleet vehicles at all times. When a tagged item moves in an unusual way or at an unexpected time, you’re instantly alerted, tracked and given live video on demand through our fast 4G connection to see what’s happening.

For example, a company called Ipsotek is working on technology that will allow for the real-time tracking of people moving through large crowds by “trailing” them through multiple cameras. While this technology may seem beneficial, privacy advocates say it could eviscerate any sense of anonymity that people have in public places by linking face recognition and iris scanning with video surveillance systems.

Genetec offers a wide range of security system software that can take business surveillance to the next level, including Omnicast and Synergis access control. They’re easy to integrate with third-party solutions and provide flexible open platforms that adjust for business needs. For instance, their Big Data Video Framework is a powerful tool that allows businesses to index, search and analyze surveillance footage from multiple locations simultaneously with a single mobile app.

People Tracking

People tracking services can be implemented in various use cases to increase safety and security. It is especially useful in public spaces where there are many people, such as airports, train stations and subways. People tracking systems help law enforcement to track and locate suspects who may have fled the scene of a crime.

The technology can also be used in workplaces to improve staff safety, reduce the spread of illness and ensure that emergency responders are dispatched quickly. Smart people tracking RTLS uses innovative wireless mesh networking technologies to enable reliable and accurate tracking using low-cost battery-powered beacons. Employees can be assigned RFID identification tags and grouped into user groups to control what areas they are allowed to enter or exit.

For more advanced applications, person attribute recognition can be applied to the tracking data to identify individuals within a video surveillance image. This is useful for identifying suspects or finding lost children in crowded public spaces.

Whether or not you decide to implement a people tracking service, it is important to consider the level of consent required from your employees. The best approach is to have transparent communication and privacy safeguards built into employment contracts. Often this will be enough to overcome concerns about tracking, and ensure the service is successfully implemented.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking services enable companies to monitor the location of vehicles and other assets. Typically, these systems are integrated with GPS technology and can be connected to the vehicle via cellular or satellite networks. In addition, they can include geo-fence abilities that send alerts when the vehicle crosses the threshold of a predetermined area, such as the perimeter of your facility. These systems can also be used to help prevent theft and provide a way for police to track down stolen vehicles by following the signal emitted by the device.

Increasing Efficiency

Businesses with fleet operations can use these systems to identify inefficiencies that can be addressed by process improvements, leading to savings and revenue generation. For example, if drivers are speeding, making unscheduled stops or excessively idling, the system can notify the driver to address poor driving habits that lead to expensive fuel costs and potential safety risks for both employees and customers.

Traditionally, shipping and transportation companies have been the primary users of vehicle tracking systems, but other industries are beginning to embrace this technology in innovative ways to improve their processes and customer service. For example, luxury hotels in Singapore are using these devices in limousines to let VIP guests know their driver is on the way and the hotel will be ready to welcome them when they arrive.